VIP Service Centre has its own employed licensed attorney, and is a full-fledged law firm that can help you with all kinds of law and legal services in Thailand.

13405510_958170907636125_650739063_oOur lawyer, Mr. Nares Khamsuk has extensive experience in the most commonly used legal services in Thailand and has extensive experience in the subject. He is accustomed to act in court and he has studied public law, property rights, family law and criminal cases. He is fully trained in all fields of business and employment law and will in only a short period of time obtain Notaries Publicus status.
He speaks good English and actually also write English better than he speaks, and additionally our office assist with communication between client and lawyer in Thai, so we omit misunderstanding and any language barriers that may occur when there is little technical English involved.
The lawyer is mostly in our office during opening hours, and can also be contacted by email directly: – If you are looking for quotes on the various services offered, please send an e-mail to: – or call us by phone 081 687 0340. Phone is also used for making an appointment with the lawyer.

We promise competitive prices as well as guaranteed honestly, fairly and service minded treatment of all cases.

[popup_trigger id=»1070″]- Notaries Public Service.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»844″]- Creating a Thai company.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»847″]- Maintain your Thai company and thorough follow-up in relation to fees and annual taxes.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»850″]- Work permits and work visas.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»853″]- Design of legalized contracts of all kinds.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»858″]- Development of agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, Letters of Intent and Power of Attorney.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»860″]- Notaries Public approvals.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»862″]- Approval of translations and verification.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»864″]- Investment advice.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»867″]- Accounting and financial statements (external service).[/popup_trigger]

[popup_trigger id=»867″]- Setup of approved Testament in Thailand.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»867″]- Handling of accident cases.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»878″]- Rights and processes for the demise of family members.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»880″]- Visa issues in Thailand and Extensions of visas.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»882″]- Economic consulting, bank, credit, loan advice.[/popup_trigger]

[popup_trigger id=»882″]- Registration of divorces and child custody cases.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»888″]- Prenuptial agreements.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»891″]- Rights when married into Thailand.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»891″]- Consulting.[/popup_trigger]

[popup_trigger id=»896″]- Purchase of property or residence.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»896″]- Leasing of land.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»900″]- Inspections and approval.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»902″]- Rental agreements.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»904″]- Land and House Development.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»906″]- Consulting.[/popup_trigger]

[popup_trigger id=»909″]- Disputes of all kinds.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»911″]- Assistance in litigation including Norwegian interpreter.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»915″]- Conducting reviews and sue counterpart.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»917″]- Consultations about law and justice in Thailand.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»917″]- Consulting about your rights in Thailand.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»917″]- Criminal cases.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»922″]- Violence and defamation.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»924″]- Private Investigation (external service).[/popup_trigger]

[popup_trigger id=»924″]- Help for driver’s license and paperwork needed.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»928″]- Help for the purchase and registration of vehicles.[/popup_trigger]
[popup_trigger id=»928″]- Accidents.[/popup_trigger]